Commonly Abused Drugs in Arizona

drugs in arizona

Arizona has been considered a “gateway” state for drugs into the United States, as drugs were often smuggled in over the border. After an alarming increase in opioid deaths in Arizona in 2016, Governor Doug Ducey declared the opioid epidemic in the state a public health emergency in 2017. This spurred action to prevent opioid addiction and reduce opioid deaths in Arizona that improved the situation in the state and in 2018 Governor Ducey ended the public health emergency and Arizona continues the fight against the opioid overdose epidemic. 


Commonly Abused Drugs in Arizona

Though opioids are a commonly abused drug in Arizona that has received a substantial amount of public attention, several other illicit drugs are also notably abused. At Soba Mesa, we want to inform our readers about the dangers of these commonly abused drugs. 



Methamphetamine, or meth, is readily available and is actually the most commonly abused in Arizona. Meth is a highly addictive drug that affects the central nervous system. Meth acts as a stimulant and causes a powerful rush and makes people feel awake and energetic. It is highly addictive because people build a tolerance to it and need to increase doses to feel the same high, and a higher dose comes with inherently higher risks. The process of making meth in labs is quite dangerous because the chemicals used are toxic and can cause explosions. Meth is made from pseudoephedrine, an ingredient found in decongestants like Sudafed. Meth in Arizona comes from in-state labs, but also labs out of state in California and Nevada, though most is smuggled in from Mexico. Meth addiction is a difficult substance addiction to treat, but it is possible with the help of professional drug treatment programs. 



Cocaine is another prominent drug in Arizona in both the form of powdered and crack cocaine. Cocaine is made from the leaves of the coca plant, native to South America, which is why a lot of the illicit drug is smuggled into Arizona from Mexico. Like meth, cocaine is a stimulant that is addictive as users become less sensitive to the effects of the drug and take increasingly large doses to obtain the same high. The high of cocaine happens almost instantaneously but tends not to be long lasting. Powdered cocaine is often snorted, rubbed into the gums, or injected, while crack cocaine is smoked. Dealers often mix cocaine with mundane substances like flour to increase profits, but sometimes cocaine is also mixed with amphetamines or synthetic opioids. These dangerous additives are especially insidious if the user is unaware of them. Though cocaine is addictive there are several methods of behavioral therapy that are effectively used to treat cocaine addiction.


Heroin and Other Opioids

Opioids including heroin are commonly abused drugs in Arizona, and the epidemic of opioid overdoses in recent years have drawn much attention to their prolific and dangerous presence in the state. Opioids are pain relievers but can be used to cause a powerful high. The majority of drug overdose deaths in the United States are caused by opioids. Several types of heroin predominant in the state originate from Mexico like black tar heroin. Heroin is an illegal semi-synthetic opioid made from morphine. However, opioid abuse can also originate from legal opioids used as prescription pain relievers. Legal opioids are safe when prescribed by a doctor and taken for a short time properly, but misuse or regular use even if they are prescribed by a doctor can lead to addiction. Though heroin use and prescription opioid deaths have actually begun to stabilize and even decrease slightly in the past several years, opioid overdose deaths caused by synthetic opioids like fentanyl have been on the rise since 2016. Arizona’s efforts to curb opioid abuse and overdose death have been primarily aimed at regulating prescriptions filled by the state, but opioids remain a large problem. Whether a person suffering from addiction uses a drug that is legalized or not, there is help out there in the form of professional treatment. 


Tips on How to Get Help With Addiction

If you or a loved one is looking for help with their addiction there are several things you can do:

  • Educate yourself—The SAMHSA National Helpline is a free, confidential treatment referral and information services for those struggling or know someone struggling with substance abuse disorders.
  • Look for Support Groups—The first support groups that often come to mind for substance abuse are Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, but there are many alternative support groups like SMART Recovery, LifeRing or SOS
  • Seek Professional Treatment—Professional treatment for substance abuse works to break the cycle of addiction through medical detoxification, inpatient treatment, and aftercare in order to achieve long term recovery.


Finding Drug Centers in Arizona

Arizona has been putting in a substantial amount of work against drug abuse and there are many professional treatment centers in the state that offer a full-continuum of care. If you’re in Arizona struggling with any of the state’s commonly abused drugs, it may be difficult to break the cycle of addiction remaining in the same place. But you don’t need to travel out of state to seek great professional treatment. At Soba Mesa, we believe in compassionate, individualized care that focuses on the whole person. We are located east of Phoenix in Mesa, offering everything from the beginning phase of detox to aftercare to dedicate an extended amount of time and effort into treating addiction in order to prompt lasting recovery. If you want to learn more about how we can help you here in Arizona, please contact us today! 

Tips on How to Stay Sober

tips for how to stay sober

Congratulations and welcome to this new chapter of your life!

Hard work pays off, isn’t it the best feeling in the world? You set a goal, you stuck to it and you did it! Soba Mesa would like to extend our warmest congratulations to you and welcome you to the next chapter of your life, a chapter where you are the one who takes control and is always present. 


So, What’s Next When Staying Sober?

Now that you’ve done with the most challenging part of the journey, you might wonder what’s next for you. Be assured that you are not alone during this journey. Just as we have promised you that we will be there for you every step of the way, the same will be applied for this next chapter of your life. Soba Mesa has all the tools and resources to guide and assist you. 


Lifelong Recovery Is the Goal

Your success is our success. When we start this journey together, we have committed to make you lifelong recovery our number one priority. We are extremely proud of the progress you have made. What a milestone, be proud of yourself! We can’t imagine the excitement you are feeling at this moment, because we are excited for you. You probably want to jump headfirst into this new life. One advice we have for you about that, you should start slowly, surely, and steadily. That is the first key for long term success. The first year of sobriety plays an extremely crucial role in your sobriety journey and ways to stay sober. The success of this first year will set a foundation for many years to come. Below are some of the main tips that you should follow during the first year. These tips are recommended by our expert clinicians, they are also been testimonies from our former patients. 


1. Your Physical Health Is Important

Let’s be honest, your body has been through a lot. Now that all the toxins have been eliminated from your body, you probably are feeling a lot better, physically and mentally. It is important to have a well-balanced, healthy diet. This is the key for you to continue to feel well and keep your energy up. Put some time aside on Sunday to plan your menu for the coming week. By doing that, you save time and money with grocery shopping. In addition to that, having a meal planned out will also help you from snacking on unhealthy junk food. Exercising is the other essential part of keeping you healthy. Thirty minutes per day, at least five day a week of moderate to intense cardio will keep your heart healthy.


2. Mental Health Is Also a Focus When Staying Sober

At Soba Mesa, we treat our patient holistically. We would like for you to continue the holistic methods at home. Start your day with meditation, keep your heart and mind open. The practice of meditation is helpful with reducing depression and anxiety. Other modalities that will help you stay sober are yoga, acupuncture and massage therapy.


meditating for how to stay sober


3. Build Relationship With Your Sponsor 

A sponsor is your accountability buddy. After addiction treatment, everyone is advised to get a sponsor, which is a great idea. But here’s the thing, keep in mind that how successful you are with this sponsorship depends on how much effort you put into it. Build a relationship with them. Be a part of the 12-step program. Keep in mind that how much you put in will determine how much you get out of this partnership!


4. Find Your Purpose and Passion

You might have had a career prior to the treatment program, if that’s where your passion and calling are at, go for it. If not, maybe this is time for some soul searching. Think about what you would make you feel fulfilled. Think about a career, rather than a paycheck to paycheck job. Once you have a purpose in life, you are less likely to relapse. If furthering your education is what you need to get the career you want, this is the perfect time for it. 


5. Who Says Sobriety Is Not Fun?

You should make it weekly meetings mandatory, that way you have something to look forward to. Also, this is an excellent opportunity to meet people who are in the same unique situation as you. Meaningful lifelong relationship can be made here. In addition to your sponsor, friendships made at weekly meetings can be a part of the accountability system. And who says being sober can’t be fun? Be creative! Think about fun, outdoor activities, or you can share cooking recipes, then have a get together where you can show off your culinary skills and maybe even watch a movie together. 


This Is Just a Beginning When Staying Sober

Those are just a few tips to be successful in your sobriety journey. Remember, the key is YOU. You have made it this far, and that’s bravery. Keep up the good work, if you have any questions or concerns, Soba Mesa is always here to assist you. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please contact our drug rehab in Mesa, AZ today.