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Why Exercise is Important in Sobriety

One of the things mentioned during nearly every addiction recovery program is how important it is to eat right and exercise throughout your sobriety. Not only do these things help get a body that has been beaten down back into shape, but exercise also offers other benefits that can ease cravings and keep you back … Continued

How To Quit Using Cocaine

Cocaine is a highly addictive drug whose addiction can be challenging to end on your own. It comes in different forms commonly as a white powder. To end the addiction, one has to have an understanding of the options available, the benefits of quitting and the various experiences of those who have tried to quit … Continued

The Benefits of Going to Drug Detox

Unfortunately, tens of thousands of Americans die due to drug abuse each year. Illicit drugs are now a leading killer in the United States and families have been torn apart by addiction. However, help is available. The right drug rehab problem can help addicts break the cycle of addiction and allow people to get back … Continued

The Benefits Of CBT In Addiction Recovery

When clients check in at Soba Mesa, they are given access to the finest detox and drug rehabilitation that the region has to offer. When it comes to addiction treatment, there are few settings that can provide the same level of peace and tranquility. This ranch style setting delivers the peace of mind and comfort … Continued

Why stress management is so important in Early Sobriety

Recovering from addiction is one of the most challenging things a person can ever go through. During the early stages of your sobriety, you will likely be your weakest. It is during this time that the chances of relapse at highest. This is why it is essential that you enter an addiction recovery program. Trying … Continued

Why You Should Travel To Arizona For Addiction Treatment

There are benefits and drawbacks to staying close to home for treatment. If you stay close to home, you are also staying close to the toxic situation you were in during your active addiction. The people who may have enabled you may have good intentions, but they probably won’t understand how to help you at … Continued

What Are the Benefits of Going to IOP After Rehab

SOBA Mesa SOBA Mesa is a drug and alcohol treatment program in Mesa, Arizona. SOBA is situated in a ranch-style setting with expert 24-hour staff. Not only do they provide inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment, but they also utilize a social model recovery community. What this means is that individuals come together and help each … Continued

Why Do Addicts Use Drugs?

Drug addiction is a serious problem in the United States. 23.5 million Americans suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. That’s almost one out of every ten people. What is it about drug addiction that makes it so difficult to overcome? Why do people become addicted to drugs in the first place? This article will explore … Continued

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